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Table. 3.

Difference in enamel surface microhardness after treatment for pH cycling Unit: VHN

Group Time Difference**

Before (0 day) After (5 days)
Mineral water* 103.13±18.70 176.87±19.93 73.74±10.36a
Fermented milk 103.26±19.95 111.16±10.76 7.90±15.84c
0.2% NaF+Fermented milk* 102.42±21.65 158.85±13.96 56.43±13.73b
0.2% NaF+(Fermented milk + 0.5% Ca)* 101.38±23.01 179.45±14.06 78.07±14.89a
0.2% NaF+Distilled water* 101.65±24.24 182.53±12.74 80.88±15.12a

All values are mean±standard deviation.

*P<0.05, by Paried t-test.

**P<0.05, by One way ANOVA.

a,b,c: The same letter indicates no significant difference by Tukey test at a=0.05.

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