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Table. 4.

Differences between topics and learning goals of oral health units in VDH and health textbooks

Contents VDH (Virginia Department of Health) SCDE (South Carolina Department of Education) Middle school High school

Topics - Keep Your Teeth and Gums Fit for Life- Diet, Oral Health and Wellness Sports/Injury Prevention- Oral Health and Tobacco Use- Sports/Injury Prevention- Oral Fads-It's Not as Simple as You Think!- Careers in Dentistry I. Oral Health and Overall HealthContent area I: Personal health and wellness II. Oral Health and NutritionContent area II: Nutritional choices - Oral health care- Cavities (dental caries)- Gumb disease (Disease of periodontal disease)- Stomatitis- Malocclusion - Dental damage - Oral health care in adolescence- Dental caries (Cavities)- Periodontal disease- Malocclusion- Prevention and health care of oral diseases - I have cavities- Oral health care- Check oral health status and brush properly- How to use dental floss and interdental toothbrushes- Dental damage - Dental caries - Dental caries- Oral care self-diagnosis table

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Fit for Life

Define plaque and explain its role in gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Describe appropriate oral hygiene techniques to remove plaque including tooth brushing and flossing.

Discuss the role of mouthwash in oral health.

Discuss the importance of tongue brushing.

Describe brushing and flossing techniques to remove food and plaque from orthodontic braces.

Discuss the role of periodontal health in overall health.

Discuss pros and cons of cosmetically whitening teeth.

Diet, Oral Health and Wellness Sports/Injury Prevention

Discuss the role that diet can play in preventing dental decay.

Describe health habits to prevent dental decay.

Discuss the health benefits of drinking water daily.

Describe the impact of eating disorders on oral health and overall health.

Describe the benefits of fluoride as a nutrient on oral health.

Oral Health and Tobacco Use

Discuss the different types of tobacco products and the carcinogenic ingredients they contain.

Describe the relationship of tobacco use to overall health, including oral health.

Describe the short- and long- term health issues related to tobacco use.

Interpret and evaluate how tobacco product information is targeted to impact adolescents.

List suggestions to deal with peer pressure and tobacco use.

Demonstrate how to do an oral cancer self-exam.

Sports/Injury Prevention

Discuss the health benefits of wearing a mouthguard.

List the types of mouthguards available.

Discuss safety rules to follow at home and at school.

Describe the contents of a dental emergency kit.

Be familiar with how to handle a dental emergency.



Oral Health and Overall HealthLearning Standard 1: Comprehend health promotion and disease-prevention concepts. Student Performance Indicators:

The student will be able to identify personal practices that promote a healthy, lifestyle (e.g., washing hands, brushing teeth, using fluoride, getting proper nutrition).

The student will be able to identify the structure and functions of the major body systems (e.g., describe a healthy mouth, the function of teeth, and the process of losing teeth).

The student will be able to describe how lifestyle behaviors, environment, genetics, and medical care influence oral health.

The student will be able to describe how oral health problems can affect overall health.


Oral Health and NutritionLearning Standard 3: Demonstrate the ability to practice behaviors that enhance health and reduce risks. Student Performance Indicators:

The student will be able to explain the relationship between food selection and oral health.

The student will demonstrate the ability to make nutritive comparisons of different food products.


- It is possible to present disease prevention and management measures according to health problems by physical institution.- The situation first aid method can be applied correctly. - It can explain the main health problems of each body organ that occur in adolescence.- Disease prevention and health management methods can be practiced according to health problems by body organs. - It can explain the health problems that occur in adolescence.- Prevention and management of health problems that occur in adolescence can be presented.- Knowing the principle of emergency treatment, first aid can be performed by situation. - It can explain health problems by body organs.- You can know and practice prevention and management of health problems by physical institution. - It can explain the cause of major diseases by body organs.- Health management methods for each body for disease prevention and management can be presented.

A, Chunjaegyogwaseo; B, YBM; D, Donghwasa; E, Jigumunhwa

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