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Table. 5.

Keyword analysis related to oral health in health textbooks

Definition and causes of oral disease Oral health prevention management
School Publisher Number of keywords (N) Number of keywords (N)
Classification criteria Keywords related to the definition, development process and mechanism of oral disease Keywords related to the prevention and management of oral disease
Example words Dental caries; bacteria; sugar; sweetness; carbohydrate; food debris; carbonated drink; acid; pus; inflammation; mutans; cavity; biofilm; malocclusion; calculus Toothbrushing; rolling method; mouth rinse; massage; toothbrush; dentifrice; floss; dental clinic; examination; prevention; oral examination; health; control; healthy tooth; xylitol; vegetable; fruit; fluorine; sealant

School Publisher Number of keywords (N) Number of keywords (N)

Middle A 67 36
B 70 27
D 115 37
E 20 7
High A 40 13

A, Chunjaegyogwaseo; B, YBM; D, Donghwasa; E, Jigumunhwa

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