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Table. 4.

Amount of strain by periodontal disease stage

Periodontitis complexes Bacteria stains Stage I Stage II Stage III P-value
Red complex P. g* 6.60±5.50a,b 5.36±5.39a 7.19±5.56b 0.003
T. f* 6.54±4.60a 7.44±4.56a,b 8.49±4.70b 0.007
T. d 9.71±1.59a 9.50±2.47a 9.97±2.94a 0.173
Orange complex P. i* 8.28±5.43a 9.10±4.77a,b 10.34±5.20b 0.006
P. m* 7.70±2.85a 8.36±2.44a 9.12±2.89b <0.001
P. n* 4.92±4.33a 6.28±4.17a,b 7.08±3.84b 0.002
F. n* 11.44±2.02a 11.70±1.88a 12.26±1.58b 0.001
Orange associated complex C. r* 7.22±3.12a 7.68±3.21a 8.88±3.62b <0.001
E. n* 4.84±4.48a 5.76±4.32a 8.01±3.62b <0.001
Aa complex A. a* 1.93±2.85a,b 1.91±2.88a,b 2.79±3.53b 0.012
Green complex E. c 9.00±3.27a 9.47±3.53a 10.03±2.69a 0.050

The number means Mean±SD (natural logarithmic scale).

The P-value, based on the ANOVA test.

a,b,cDifferent letters indicate a significant difference between groups, based on the Duncan post-hoc test (P-value<0.05).


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