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Table. 1.

Research questions and keywords by themes

Section Review Questions Keywords
1. Dentists of the future that society demands • What competencies do future dentists need? • dentist
• future
• competency
2. Current status of dental education system • What is the current status of dental education system and what are the problems? • dental education system
3. Issues in clinical dental education • How is clinical dental education being implemented?
• What competencies should a dentist have?
• What improvements are needed to prepare students to become clinically competent dentist?
• clinical, clinical education
• competency
4. Problems of basic science in dental education • Do dental students need to participate in research?
• Is there enough time for dental students to participate in research?
• Are the new technologies being applied in the dental curriculum?
• Is there time to apply the new technology to the dental curriculum?
• dental student
• research
• artificial intelligence
• big data
• 3D print
• precision
• personalized
5. Humanities and social science competency required in dental education • Is competency in humanities and social science necessary for dental education?
• How and to what extent is humanities and social science competency implemented in dental education?
• What improvements are required to reflect humanities and social science competency in dental education?
• education, education system
• humanities, social science, general education
6. Necessity of integrated education system • What is an effective education system that provides a curriculum to develop humanities and social science/basic science/clinical competency in dental education?
• What are the legal issues related to the integrated education system?
• education
• education system
• QS ranking dentistry
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