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Table. 2.

Comparison of competencies to be achieved through the dental curriculum

Seoul National Universitya Comparision of Competency Modelb GDCc ADCd
Professionalism Professionalism Professionalism Professionalism
Communication skill Communication and interpersonal skills Communication Communication and leadership
Clinical management Knowledge, Management and information literacy Management and leadership Communication and leadership
Knowledge based/Critical thinking Critical thinking - Critical thinking; Scientific and clinical knowledge
Test∙Diagnosis∙Treatment Planning Patient care Clinical Patient care
Clinical competency Clinical competency Clinical Patient care
- Prevention and health promotion - Health promotion

aSeoul National University, School of Dentistry Competency (2016).

bKIDEE, ISDR, ADEA, ADEE Comparision of Dentist Competency (2018).

cUK Preparing for practice (2015. General Dental Council).

dAustralia Professional competencies of the newly qualified dentist (2016. Australian Dental Coucil).

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