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Fig. 7. Anti-biofilm activity of phytincide. The salivary biofilm was treated with phytoncide at the various concentration after removing media. In case of 12-well plate, the biofilm was washed three times with PBS and added 1 ml of BHI broth. The biofilm was mechanically disrupted with scraper and transferred into 1.5 ml tube. The tube was vortexed for 1 min, and the bacterial suspension was diluted 10 to 106 by new BHI broth. Fifty microliter of each diluted bacterial suspensions was inoculated on BHI agar plate. The agar plates were incubated at 37℃ for 72 h anaerobically, and the colonies were counted. *Statistically significant compared to 1 min control group (P<0.05). #Statistically significant compared to 10 min control group (P<0.05).
J Korean Acad Oral Health 2021;45:204~209 https://doi.org/10.11149/jkaoh.2021.45.4.204
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