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Table. 2.

Categories of caregivers’ experience of oral health care for the elderly in long-term care facilities

Paradigm Category Sub-category
Casual conditions Oral health care problems in long-term care facility Oral health problems in the elderly (3)*
Behavioral limitations of oral care for the elderly (4)
Physical limitations of oral care for the elderly (3)
Low accessibility to oral care process (2)
Oral health care status in long-term care facility Oral health care system (4)
Problems of observation for oral health status (6)
Realities of recording for oral health care (6)
Assessment of oral health status (3)
Work characteristics of oral health care Workload (6)
Restrictive factors of work (4)
Experiences of education Lack of oral care knowledge (2)
Absence of systematic oral health education (5)
Current status of caring staff training (5)
Contextual conditions Dental treatment by dentist Consigned dental care (3)
Factors to lower accessibility to oral care institutions (4)
Guardian’s cooperation How to solve oral health problems currently (3)
Chief manager’s philosophy Philosophy of the head of the facilities (2)
Condition of community Communities where the facilities is located (2)
Phenomenon Difficulties of sustainable practice of oral health care Difficulties of communication with the elderly (2)
Difficulties of doing correct oral care (3)
Difficulties of practicing oral care (2)
Difficulties of solving oral health problems (4)
Difficulties of constant oral care (2)
Intervening conditions Motivational characteristics of caregivers Degree of interest for oral care (2)
Understanding for the elderly (2)
Career’s sense of calling (4)
Experiences of caregivers Growth through education (3)
Experience of practical help (3)
Recommendation of education of facilities-level Environment for education (1)
Direction of education (1)
Action/Interaction strategies Improvement of quality of oral health education Improvement of education methods (6)
Conveying of correct information (2)
Question and answer with dental professionals (1)
Establishing system of elderly oral health care services Utilization of scales for oral health assessment (3)
Utilization of form for oral care (4)
Establishment of dental care delivering (referring) system (3)
Consequences Delivery of sustainable services of oral health care Recordable oral health care (2)
Communicative oral health care (4)
Comparable oral health care (2)
Sustainable oral health care (2)

*Number of concept codes included in each sub-category.

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