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Table. 2.

Reasons why oral health care for the elderly is difficult for caregivers in the long-term care facilities

Reasons N* (%)
Physical non-cooperation of the elderly (e.g. refusing to mouth open, violence, swallowing mouthwash) 196 (45.6)
Difficulty in oral health care for the elderly 75 (17.4)
Systemic constraints in the facilities (e.g. lack of time) 50 (11.6)
Relatively low importance of oral health care among several care jobs 49 (11.4)
Lack of knowledge of oral health care for the elderly 46 (10.7)
Fear of problems after oral health care (e.g. complaints from family of the elderly) 14 (3.3)

*This is the result of multiple responses (n=430).

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