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Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Health 2012; 36(2): 115-123

Published online June 30, 2012

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Perceptions and attitudes of some dentists in Jeollabuk-do province towards privately-run health insurance

So-Young Park1,2, Heung-Soo Lee2,3, Hyo-Won Oh2,3, Wan Lee3,4, Boo-Young Choi2, Hyun-Jeong Ju2

1Department of Dental Hygiene, Byuksung College, Gimje, 2Department of Preventive and Public Health Dentisty, College of Dentistry, 3Institute of Biomaterials·Implant and Institue of Wonkwang Dental Research, 4Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, College of Dentistry, Wonkwang University, Iksan, Korea


Objectives: To identify dentists' perceptions regarding the possible introduction of private health insurance plans, thereby providing basic data to improve the existing dental health insurance system. Methods: A self-report survey was conducted with a total of 126 dentists in Jeollabuk-do Province. The survey was designed to gather information on the dentists' positions, perceptions and attitudes toward on a proposed introduction of privately run insurance schemes. Results: A negative general consensus was found for the privately run scheme. Also it appeared that an overall review was required. Conclusions: Considering the high percentage of negative responses in the present study, it seems necessary to pro-actively reflect and complement potential issues in the current system before implementing privately run schemes in efforts to establish a solid foundation for operating dental insurance plans best suitable to the needs and characteristics of premium payers.

Keywords: Dentist, Health insurance, Private health insurance