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Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Health 2013; 37(4): 200-207

Published online December 30, 2013 https://doi.org/10.11149/jkaoh.2013.37.4.200

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Oral health care provided by nursing home employees to elderly residents

So-Young Park1, Nam-In Cho1, Hyun-Jeong Ju1, Sun-Ho Lee1, Hyo-Won Oh1,2, Heung-Soo Lee1,2

1Department of Preventive and Public Health Dentistry, 2Institute of Wonkwang Dental Research, Wonkwang University College of Dentistry, Iksan, Korea

Received: August 30, 2013; Revised: October 2, 2013; Accepted: October 15, 2013


Objectives: The objective of this study was to investigate the oral health care behavior of nursing home employees caring for elderly residents.Methods: Subjects were 480 nursing home workers living in Seoul recruited using convenience sam-pling. They completed a self-report survey.Results: Results showed that 84.6% of respondents reporting having brushed the teeth of the elderly residents, while 81.7% brushed their dentures. Further, 62.3% reported having received at least one session of oral health care training. When asked to identify the problem with oral health care for the elderly residents, the most common answer was “lack of knowledge on oral health care.” Further, respondents most frequently found “proper way of brushing teeth” followed by “methods to prevent periodontal diseases” the oral care topics on which they needed information.Conclusions: It is necessary to develop an oral health care education program for employees of nurs-ing homes for elderly adults.

Keywords: Elderly, Employee, Nursing home, Oral health