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Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Health 2018; 42(4): 130-135

Published online December 30, 2018 https://doi.org/10.11149/jkaoh.2018.42.4.130

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The correlation between team-member exchange (TMX) and commitment in dental hygienists

Na Na Yoon1, Jung Hwa Lee1,2

1Department of Biomedical Health Science, Graduate School, 2Department of Dental Hygiene, Dong-Eui University, Busan, Korea

Received: August 17, 2018; Revised: October 12, 2018; Accepted: October 19, 2018


Objectives: This study aimed to identify the effects of team-member exchange (TMX) on dental hygienists’ commitment.Methods: A self-administrated questionnaire was conducted from August 22 to September, 2016 with 191 dental hygienists in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do. Teacher-member relationships and community were evaluated with the TMX scale and community scale, respectively. A self-administered five-point scale. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-tests, one-way ANOVA, Pearson correlations, and multiple linear regression analysis.Results: Overall TMX and commitment levels of subjects were 3.78±0.43 and 3.20±0.41, respectively. The TMX subcategories that influenced commitment and change (a subcategory of commitment) were community consciousness, and trust and respect. The TMX subcategory that influenced organization (a subcategory of commitment) was community consciousness.Conclusions: Dental hygienists’ commitment was closely related to community consciousness, and trust and respect.

Keywords: Dental hygienists, Team-member exchange (TMX), commitment